Apex Legends Private Matches: A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own Tournaments

Apex Legends new Spellbound Collection Event has brought a lot of new exciting features to the game, but the most hotly-anticipated of all is the introduction of private matches. This new feature allows players to create their own private games and tournaments, which is sure to bolster the game’s competitive scene outside of official esports competitions like ALGS. But, with the introduction of this new feature, some players may be confused about how it works. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ private matches, including how to set up your own tournament.

How to Access Private Matches

The private match feature is available on all platforms, though at the time of writing, Respawn has stated that chat capabilities are currently limited on console due to a bug that is being looked into. To access private matches, bring up the game mode menu on the bottom left-hand side of the main lobby screen. Near the top of the menu, you’ll see two tabs that read “public match” and “private match.” By default, the public match tab is selected, so you’ll need to select the private match option. From there, you’ll be given two options: Create a private match, or join one that’s in progress.

Modes and Maps

There is no limit to the number of games that can be played in a private match, and players may run private matches in both the classic battle royale mode and the 3v3 Arenas mode. At this time, no limited-time modes are accessible, though Respawn has hinted that LTMs may soon join other modes in this way.

When it comes to maps, all of them are up for grabs, with the exception of any maps that are missing from the current season’s map rotation (i.e Kings Canyon is not currently available in battle royale mode, and won’t be until it re-enters the public match map rotation). This goes for Arenas maps as well.

Minimum Players Required

Although standard Apex matches consist of 60 players, you only need a minimum of 30 players to start a private battle royale match. If you don’t happen to have 30 friends on hand, don’t worry too much, for a private Arenas match, you only need six players.

Creating a Private Match

To create a private match, select “Create a private match” option. You’ll be taken to a screen displaying a list of 20 three-member squads you can assign to users participating in the match. But first, you’ll need a Tournament Participant Code (TPC). Selecting the private match option automatically generates one, but it can be easy to miss. To find your match’s TPC, take a look at the upper right corner of the screen, where you’ll see text that reads, “Join Code” with a text box containing only asterisks next to it. Select “reveal” to obtain your TPC, then send that code to all match participants. (If you’re streaming, you’ll want to select “hide” after generating your TPC to prevent uninvited players from joining the match). Players do not need to have you added as a friend to join a private match–all they need is the match’s TPC.

Joining a Private Match

To join a match, select the “Join one that’s in progress” option and input the match’s TPC. As players join the match via the TPC, their usernames will appear in a vertical list on the left side of the screen. To assign players to their squads, simply drag and drop each player’s username into one of the empty slots on the list of teams. Once at least 30 players have joined the match and partied up, check to make sure they’ve loaded into the map. If a player has a yellow spinning icon next to their username, they haven’t yet finished loading the map yet, and you’ll want to wait to start the match. Players also have the option to ready up, which will inform the admin they’re loaded and ready to go.

Personalization Settings

One of the great things about private matches is the ability to customize settings to your liking. In the “settings” tab, players have the ability to adjust various game settings such as health and shields, respawn time, and inventory. This allows players to create a unique experience and tailor the game to their liking.

Tips for Setting up a Tournament

If you’re planning on hosting a tournament, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to set a date and time for the tournament, and make sure all participants are aware of the schedule. Second, establish clear rules and guidelines for the tournament, such as the format, scoring system, and tiebreakers. Third, consider having a dedicated tournament admin to oversee the event and ensure it runs smoothly. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

In general, private matches in Apex Legends are a great addition to the game, providing players with the ability to customize their own games and tournaments. With the ability to play on all maps and modes, as well as the ability to adjust game settings, players have the flexibility to create a unique and personalized experience. So grab some friends, create a tournament, and have a blast!

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