Apex Legends: The Spellbound Collection Event Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, is set to receive a new update on January 10th, called the Spellbound Collection Event.

This update will bring a new set of cosmetic items to the game, including a new Heirloom Weapon for the character Seer. Alongside these cosmetic additions, there will also be a number of gameplay changes, including the ability to create private matches and changes to the popular Control LTM (Limited Time Mode).

In this article, we will go over all of the changes and additions coming with the Spellbound Collection Event.

Private Matches

One of the biggest changes coming with the Spellbound update is the ability to create private matches. Players will now be able to invite friends and customise their own matches, including the ability to choose the map, game mode, and the number of players. Private matches will also allow players to toggle friendly fire and choose whether they want to allow players to respawn or not. This new feature will give players more control over their gameplay experience and allow them to tailor matches to their preferences.

Control LTM Changes

The Control LTM, which was previously available in Apex Legends, will be making a return in the Spellbound update. In this mode, players fight over control points on the map and try to hold them for as long as possible. The Control LTM has received some changes for its return, including an increase in the time period for players to be sorted into an in-progress match. This means that there is less chance of a player’s team being significantly outnumbered by the enemy team. Matchmaking will try to fill empty player slots until one team has a score of 625, or there is a 300-point score difference between teams.

Additionally, players who join an in-progress Control match will now receive a reward. These players will skip the first spawn wave, spawn with purple armor (including a helmet), and instantly gain a full Ratings Tier (meaning they will have purple weapons and a fully-charged ultimate). All players will also receive an extra 150 XP for simply completing a match, regardless of the outcome. If a team is losing by 62 points or more, they will also skip any spawn waves until the score changes, in an attempt to even out the playing field.

Control will be played on the following maps during the Spellbound event: Storm Point: Barometer, World’s Edge: Lava Siphon, Olympus: Hammond Labs.

Other Gameplay Changes

While the Legends and weapons are not receiving many changes in the Spellbound update, there are a number of other features that will be added or tweaked. One of these is a fix for a long-standing issue in the Firing Range, where the transition between Legends was not smooth. This has now been fixed, meaning that when a new Legend is selected, the current Legend will no longer drop dead and ragdoll.

There have also been a number of bug fixes, including an issue with Mobile Respawn Beacons sometimes spawning an out-of-bounds dropship, and problems with ability previews when entering Wraith’s portals. Mirage’s decoys will also no longer have issues when deployed too close to Wattson’s Pylons.

Apex Legends: The Spellbound Collection Event Patch Notes

The G7 Scout’s damage has been reduced from 34 to 32, and it will now be available in the Replicator along with the C.A.R. SMG. The Spitfire and Peacekeeper will return to the ground loot pool. The Prowler’s damage output has been increased from 14 to 15, and the Sentinel now requires only one Shield cell to charge instead of two.

There are also a number of smaller quality-of-life changes coming with the Spellbound update. The gas flash visual effects from Caustic’s barrels have been reduced, and all doors will now physically appear damaged whenever they are one hit away from being destroyed. An issue with one of Bloodhound’s skins failing to depict their raven as white has also been fixed.

New Cosmetic Items

Alongside the gameplay changes, the Spellbound Collection Event will also introduce a new set of cosmetic items to the game. This includes new skins for the Legends, weapons, and banner frames. The event will also introduce a new Heirloom Weapon for Seer. Heirloom Weapons are ultra-rare cosmetic items that can only be obtained through special events or by purchasing them with real money.

Free Reward Track

Players will also be able to earn rewards through a free reward track during the Spellbound event. This track will contain a mix of cosmetic items and Apex Packs, which are in-game loot boxes that contain a random selection of cosmetic items and crafting materials. Players will be able to progress through the reward track by completing daily and weekly challenges, as well as by playing matches and earning XP.

On balance, the Spellbound Collection Event is bringing a number of changes and new additions to Apex Legends. The ability to create private matches will give players more control over their gameplay experience, and the changes to the Control LTM will make it a more balanced and fair mode. The new cosmetic items and the free reward track will give players the chance to earn new cosmetic items and Apex Packs.

The event is set to go live on January 10th, so be sure to check it out and see all of the changes for yourself.

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