Get Ahead with Lenovo’s ThinkBook Laptops and Their Revolutionary E Ink Display

Lenovo has introduced a new laptop with an E Ink display as its primary screen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Get Ahead with Lenovo’s ThinkBook Laptops and Their Revolutionary E Ink Display and Accessory System.

ThinkBook Plus Twist

The ThinkBook Plus Twist is a thin and light productivity laptop that features an Intel Core i7 CPU, up to 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and a 2.8K OLED panel with touch and pen support and 400 nits of brightness.

However, it also boasts a 12-inch, front-lit color E Ink touch display on the back of the laptop, which can be rotated to the front of the device using a swivel at the bottom of the screen. This allows users to access Windows on a laptop with an E Ink screen as the primary display.

The ThinkBook Plus Twist will start at $1,649 and will be available from June.

ThinkBook 16p Gen with accessory system Magic Bay

Besides this, Lenovo also unveiled the ThinkBook 16p Gen 4 at CES.
This laptop features a unique accessory system called Magic Bay, which is located on the top of the device’s lid.

The Magic Bay is a magnetic Pogo pin connector that allows users to attach one of three accessories to the laptop. The first is a light bar for use with the integrated 1080p webcam, the second is a 4G LTE module that can also be connected via USB-C, and the third is a 4K webcam that can swivel 180 degrees to the back of the laptop.

This means users can get higher quality webcam footage on their laptop, while also keeping the device’s top bezel free of any camera obstructions.

The ThinkBook 16p Gen 4 will be available from June starting at $1,149.


Lenovo’s new ThinkBook laptops offer innovative and unique features that are sure to appeal to productivity-focused users.

The inclusion of the E Ink display on the ThinkBook Plus Twist and the Magic Bay accessory system on the ThinkBook 16p Gen 4, provide users with more options and flexibility when it comes to using their laptops.

Both laptops are set to be released later this year and offer competitive price points for the features and specifications they offer.

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