How to Use PS4 Controller on PC: 4 Best Steps

In this post is explained how to use PS4 controller on PC.

With the extra accuracy and adaptability that a controller can provide, using a PS4 controller on a PC can be a great way to enhance your gaming experience.
Whether you’re a PC player who wants to use the same controller as you do on your PS4 or a console gamer who wants to use a controller to play your favorite PC games, it’s easy to set up your PS4 controller to work on your computer.

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC: Step 1

Sync your PS4 controller with your computer.
Connecting your PS4 controller to your computer is the first step in using it on a PC. You can accomplish this by connecting over Bluetooth or a USB wire. Simply insert one end of the USB cable into the controller and the other end into your PC to connect the controller via USB. Make sure your PC has a Bluetooth adapter and that Bluetooth is turned on if you want to connect the controller through Bluetooth. After your controller is connected, your computer should automatically detect it and install any required drivers.

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC: Step 2

Set up the DS4Windows application.
Installing the free DS4Windows software, which enables you to utilize your PS4 controller on your PC, is the next step. The software is available for download from the official website. Run the installer after downloading the software, then follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC: Step 3

Make the necessary settings.
Once the DS4Windows software is installed, you can customize the settings to your preferences. The software enables you to modify the thumbstick sensitivity, button mapping, and even the creation of unique macros. You may also configure the controller’s touchpad to function as a mouse or change the way the light bar on the controller is lit.

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC: Step 4

Enjoy your games.
You can now begin playing your games after setting up and configuring your PS4 controller. On many different platforms, including Steam, GOG, Origin, and others, you can play games using a controller. Check the game’s settings or the manual to see whether it needs any further tweaking to work with a controller.

In conclusion, using a PS4 controller with your Computer is a terrific method to improve your gaming and benefit from the increased accuracy and customization that a controller can offer.
You may play your favorite PC games with the convenience and accuracy of a PS4 controller thanks to the simple and uncomplicated method and the DS4Windows program.

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