Immersive We Who Are About to Die: The Gladiator Game of Ancient Rome

We Who Are About to Die is an immersive and challenging game that takes players back to ancient Rome to experience the thrill of gladiator combat.

Developed by Jordy Lakiere over the course of seven years, the game fits perfectly into the popular roguelike or roguelite genre, known for their difficulty and permadeath gameplay.

We Who Are About to Die launched in early access on Steam on November 14th, and has received strong positive reviews from players.


As a gladiator in the game, players must face the ultimate stakes – death – in each match they enter. This permadeath feature adds real tension to the gameplay, as players become emotionally invested in their characters and the unique stories they create.

The game requires players to think tactically, break down their opponent’s stances, and keep their defense up in order to survive.

Those with experience in similar games, such as Mount & Blade, will likely have an easier time adjusting to the gameplay, but even novice players can learn the ropes and become skilled gladiators with practice.

Game’s scenery

In addition to its focus on gameplay, We Who Are About to Die boasts a beautifully realized setting of ancient Rome. As an artist and animator, Jordy Lakiere has brought this world to life with stunning attention to detail.

The game’s scenery and other aesthetics serve the gameplay systems, rather than the other way around, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for players.

Minor downside issues

Despite its strengths, We Who Are About to Die does have some rough edges that are worth noting. The animations and reactions can be repetitive and not always smooth, and the game itself can be challenging for players.

However, these issues are minor in comparison to the overall enjoyment and excitement that the game offers.

A welcome addition for fans

The gladiator genre has been largely absent in the gaming world since 2013’s Ryse: Son of Rome, making We Who Are About to Die a welcome addition for fans of the setting.

With its immersive world, challenging gameplay, and permadeath feature, this game is sure to be a hit with players looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience.

As an independent game largely developed by one person, We Who Are About to Die is a true labor of love and a testament to Jordy Lakiere’s passion for game development.

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