MSI Pencil 2: The Revolutionary Stylus that Writes on Both Screen and Paper

The MSI Pencil 2, the ultimate multi-tasking stylus that can switch seamlessly between taking notes on a screen and notes on paper. This innovative stylus from MSI promises to be a game-changer for those who are looking for a versatile and precise writing instrument without the need to swap tips or switch ends.

The MSI Pencil 2 is designed to look similar to the Apple Pencils, with a chunky tip that narrows to a fine point. However, it is made of graphite, which is the same ingredient found in traditional pencil ‘leads’. This unique feature allows you to use the MSI Pencil 2 to write on paper just like a pencil, and even erase your marks afterwards.

It can also instantly transition to being used on a touchscreen, without leaving any marks or scratches on the screen. This is possible because the graphite tip is specially designed to be gentle on the screen, ensuring that your touchscreen devices are protected from scratches and marring.

The MSI Pencil 2 is also packed with a lot of tech features that make it an ideal tool for artists and professionals who need extra precision and versatility. It is compatible with the latest version of the Microsoft Pen Protocol, which means it works optimally with touchscreen machines running Windows. It also includes a tiny motor for haptic feedback, which simulates the gentle scratching feel of a pencil on textured paper, even when used on a smooth glass screen.

Well, but that’s not all, as the MSI Pencil 2 boasts 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, can detect the angle of the pen, and includes a swappable non-graphite tip with a finer point. This makes it an ideal tool for artists and professionals who need extra precision and versatility.

The MSI Pencil 2 can also control a mouse cursor even when hovering eight to 10-millimeters above a screen, and promises up to 32 hours of battery life. Recharging is handled by a USB-C port on the side, so it’s not completely dependent on a specific device for power.

MSI Pencil 2 is a revolutionary stylus that promises to change the way we write and create on both paper and touchscreen devices. Its unique graphite tip and advanced tech features make it an ideal tool for artists, professionals, and anyone who values precision and versatility in their writing instrument.

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