New Apex Legends Season 16 Shakes Up Scan Meta

Seer, Bloodhound, Wraith, Pathfinder, Horizon, Mirage, and Lifeline are just a few of the seven legends that will see significant balancing adjustments in Apex Legends Season 16. These changes are intended to reshape the game’s established play styles and clarify each legend’s place within a squad.

New Apex Legends Season 16: Confronting the Scan Meta

Since the game’s release, the scan meta has been a constant, and several legends have special skills that let them see foes beyond barriers. Respawn has been attempting to lessen the effects of the scan meta, and in Season 15, they unveiled Catalyst, a character who can disable scanning skills with her Dark Veil ultimate.

Apex Legends Season 16: Official Launch Trailer

Respawn is taking a direct approach to the scan meta in Season 16 by changing the capabilities of Bloodhound and Seer, the two most powerful scanners.

The adjustments in Season 16 are aimed at minimizing the overall frequency of scans in the game without hurting the identity of the characters

says lead legend designer Devan McGuire

While Seer’s passive ability, Heart Seeker, has a charge-up time and only provides information on heartbeat pulses, Exhibit, his ultimate ability, will have a longer cooldown and a shorter duration. The risk of continuously employing the heartbeat sensor increases because it will also be heard to any opponents nearby.

The inclusion of a ghostly white raven, which will emerge and direct Bloodhound to the closest enemy tracks, gives Bloodhound’s passive ability a boost. The charging of Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, will no longer be refreshed or accelerated by their ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, but will instead be improved by the white raven.

The white raven, rather than adding to the scan features, “connects the greater notion of the loop for Bloodhound,” according to McGuire.

New Apex Legends Season 16: The Macro Rotations Are Broken Meta

Valkyrie has been the go-to choice in Apex Legends for fast moving a team from one location to another. Respawn intends to undermine this in Season 16 by giving Wraith and Pathfinder bonuses. The two will now be more clearly identified as Skirmishers, legendary figures who emphasize movement and escape during fight.

It will be simpler for Wraith to cycle with her team because she can now extend her portal twice as far and move quicker with her ultimate. Players will be able to move more quickly and further thanks to the improved range and speed of Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun ultimate.

Apex Legends Season 16: Official Gameplay Trailer

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