WoW Dragonflight will Get Two Major Content Updates in 2023

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion will get two major content updates in 2023, along with four minor updates, according to Blizzard.


WoW Dragonflight will Get Two Major Content Updates in 2023, Plus Four Minor Ones.
The major updates will include a new raid, zone, and seasonal rewards, while the minor updates will include more story content, updates to old game systems, and evergreen events.
In a blog post, WoW executive producer Holly Longdale admitted that the team has not always done a good job of releasing new content for players in recent years, but they are looking to change that with Dragonflight. The goal is to have more content available for players with less downtime between updates. Longdale also stated that the team is looking to implement more feedback from the community.

When released

The first update, 10.0.5, will be released early next year and will include the Trading Post system, the ability to transmog poor-quality and common-quality items, and new world content in the Primalist Tomorrow area.

Update 10.0.7 will introduce new story quests involving the Dracthyr returning to the Forbidden Reach, as well as the long-awaited Human and Orc Heritage armor quests.

Positive reviews

These updates are in addition to the recent release of the Dragonflight expansion, which has received positive reviews so far. With Chris Metzen also returning as a creative advisor for the Warcraft universe, it looks like 2023 could be a great year for WoW.

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